Explore our Collections of Lighting.

Explore our lighting collections from Visual Comfort & Co., where innovation, original design, and uncompromising quality converge to deliver iconic indoor and outdoor lighting solutions.

These collections are the result of exclusive partnerships with renowned product and interior designers, offering a curated assortment that balances design details and functionality. From specification-grade architectural lighting to accessible designer looks, our diverse range of products caters to various indoor and outdoor lighting needs, making your space truly exceptional.

Studio Collection Ceiling Lamp

Studio Collection

Combining innovative techniques and materials to craft designer aesthetics at affordable prices. Collaborating closely with renowned design partners and drawing inspiration from past and present, we offer a diverse selection of products suitable for both indoor and outdoor settings.

Modern Collection Staggered Ceiling Lighting

Modern Collection

Epitomizes innovation and originality, providing enduring indoor and outdoor lighting solutions for residential and commercial spaces. Our exclusive collaborations with world-renowned product and interior designers yield a thoughtfully curated selection of fixtures.

Architectural Collection Wall Long Lighting

Architectural Collection

Widely acclaimed for its meticulous attention to design details and its profound understanding of how lighting fixtures enhance a space. Through close collaboration with lighting and interior designers, it provides high-quality, specification-grade lighting solutions, encompassing linear task lighting, accent lighting, and precision-engineered recessed downlights.

Generation Collection Chandelier

Generation Lighting Collection

Draws on our extensive experience in catering to builders, contractors, homeowners, and remodelers. We now provide a diverse range of indoor lighting, outdoor lighting, and ceiling fans that combine trendy designs with exceptional value.

Corsi Ceiling Fan Collection

Fan Collection

Combines cutting-edge technology and top-quality materials to craft ceiling fans that blend elegance and functionality, enhancing the visual appeal of both indoor and outdoor spaces. Our ceiling fans draw inspiration from our decorative lighting portfolio and benefit from close collaboration with our design partners to become a stylish design feature.

Lighting Design Floor Plans

Premium lighting design services

Where design meets innovation and performance. Our team provides one-to-one consultations and gallery tours uncovering a diverse assortment of premium lighting tailored to excel in any environment.

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